Neil deGrasse Tyson: We Stopped Dreaming


In an earlier post on Asimov’s “Visions of the Future” I briefly mentioned the apparent gap between technological advancement and science issues we’ve known and speculated about for decades— yet remain still either untouched in reality or merely unsolved.
My mind wandered back to this video.

Why does the gap exist? I believe Neil says it best.

“We stopped dreaming.”

An awe inspiring video to watch as we challenge complacency in regard to economic spending for the advancement of science, while we sit on the cusp of making rapidly developing-yet underutilized technologies work for our futures — both on Earth and in the heavens beyond. If you have an extra moment, checkoutPenny4Nasa‘s site and sign the petition (Twitter: #Penny4Nasa).

Since I’m using embed, I feel compelled to include what was in the content of the original Youtube post:


Sign the petition!

The intention of this project is to stress the importance of advancing the space frontier and is focused on igniting scientific curiosity in the general public.
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*FOR THOSE SAYING THE MUSIC IS TOO LOUD* This is the adjusted one

I give immense credit to The Sagan Series for providing the inspiration for this video.

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