Infographic: A timeline of Doctor Who

If you’re a fan of  Doctor Who, you’ll enjoy this poster-sized infographic “Timeline of Doctor Who” featuring chronology of adventures, companions and foes from Hartnell in Season 1, to Smith in Series 6.

Not a fan yet? Don’t know where to begin with so many episodes?

To some, it’s all a matter of opinion… though here are a few of my favorites in recommended viewing order:

  • Series 1 (Eccleston) through Series 2 and 3 (Tennant)
  • “Planet of the Giants” (Hartnell)
  • Anything with Tom Baker (particularly – “Genesis of the Daleks“)
  • Movie: “Doctor Who and the Daleks”
    (only because it features Peter Cushing’s cameo as The Doctor…and what’s not to love about that?)
Have a favorite or recommendation? Drop us a line below.

For more on Doctor Who, check out BBC’s official home for Whovians 

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