Asimov on “Visions of the Future”

Isaac Asimov - Super-science visionary and forefather of modern robotics.

Isaac Asimov – Super-science visionary and major inspiration to modern roboticists.

I’ve recently developed a hobby in trying to locate every last one of Asimov’s non-fiction essays.
They are simply divine, and I want more than the few included in “Is Anyone There” and those among sparsely populated extranets.

Considering that non-fiction accounts for roughly 90% of his total works, most in science and some of which were never featured in any collections other than the periodicals which published them (like the American Airlines “American Way” magazines), I quickly realized this pursuit may be a lot more involved than I’d ever imagined…leading me to fantasize over future hours spent in Boston University’s Asimov archives.
(Believe it or not— this may very well be what drives my choice in a graduate school, but don’t tell anyone I said that.)

In my lust for more Asimov science, I ran across this 4-part video series circa 1992-1994 featuring Isaac Asimov’s talks on the future of science entitled “Visions of the Future” — his last documentary filmed just prior to his death.

While some of what he explains in these videos can be viewed as ‘prehistory’ in terms of what we know today, though abbreviated in comparison (likely due to his health), it still ranks right up there with Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” for me. However, reading his essays on biology (especially physiology), most written between the 50′s and the 60′s do tend to leave me with questions, mostly related to: with such technologies evolving almost if not exponentially in ways over the last hundred years, why then, the disparity in scientific innovation and discovery?

Mind boggling.

At any rate, whether you’re a fan of science or fan of Asimov— it’s a great series and well worth the watch.

Visions of the Future with Isaac Asimov – Part

Visions of the Future with Isaac Asimov – Part 2

Visions of the Future with Isaac Asimov – Part 3

Visions of the Future with Isaac Asimov – Part 4

In case you ever want to check out the exhaustive list of his non-fiction essays, visit Asimov Online.
(Just so you know…I’ve spent hours on WorldCat, Mendeley, old newsgroups and other places trying to find leads on locating a lot of them, so if you have any… please shoot me a reply below and I’ll be forever in your debt. )


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